Real estate broker shaking hands with new property owners and house key on ring in hand of real estate agent

First-time Property Buyers –

Things to Know

In addition to providing real estate broker services for residential and commercial clients, we also provide Wisconsin house buyers, the preparatory guidance before they move forward with their transactions. Whether you’re looking to buy a property -- a piece of land, or a new home, we’re here to help you.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Real Estate Property

Below are some of the questions to ask before purchasing a new property:

  • Are you a first-time home buyer?

  • What knowledge do you have of the transaction process?

  • What does your dream home look like, and what requirements do you need to look out for?

  • Which location are you looking at to buy a new property?

  • Have you received pre-approval for the property you are looking to buy?

  • Have you spoken to a lender?

  • What is your down payment amount?

  • What is the time frame you need to complete the purchase of your new home?

Businessman explaining loan policy to young couple
Real estate agent showing a house to a young couple

Commercial Property Purchase

If you’re looking to buy a new commercial property, here are two primary questions you need to think about:

  • Are you looking for a new lease or purchase?

  • Are you looking at multiple storefronts, retail property, or development property?

Buying Vacant Land

Before you decide to buy land, you need to know what type of land you’re looking for, whether hunting land, waterfront land, or vacant land to build a cabin or your dream house. And what location are you looking at – in town or out in the country?

A man with a small house showing a house keys